Going grey and lovin’ it!

Grey! When it comes to hair, it’s the dreaded colour, right? Few of us welcome it and we reach for the dye immediately as soon as the silver strands start to appear.

I did that too and I don’t even know why. I’ve never been interested in colouring my hair nor ever had the patience to sit through the process. But when the greys started to show up thick and fast, I turned to the dye answer without question. There you go, that’s classic herd behaviour for you! Most people are doing it so I just went with the flow and did it too.

I kept at it for a few years all the while complaining loudly about how much I hated the dye sittings even as the time between the sittings started getting shorter and shorter. Finally, you can say I came to my senses and got thinking, something I should have done sooner - I certainly don’t enjoy the time spent applying the dye and the ritual that follows and I don’t hate my grey hair, so why in the world am I putting myself through this?

My last colouring session was in October last year. Some time after that I decided I was done with it. I’ve embraced my increasing silver strands and feeling absolutely fabulous. Why shouldn’t I be proud of them? I’ve earned them and I want to show them off!

Yeah, yeah, I get the comments – why don’t you colour your hair, oh my, your greys are really showing or even, isn’t it time to dye your hair? I just tell them I’m letting my beautiful steel greys grow out and I’m loving it.

It’s a personal choice and I understand that not everyone wants to do it. It’s every woman’s right to do whatever the heck they want to do – go for plastic surgery or colour her hair any which way. I respect that and I don’t judge.

But let me tell you, leaving my hair alone has been liberating and it’s kind of fun. I have no idea how my head will finally look like when the pepper disappears and it turns fully salt. Shock of white perhaps? But that’s the adventure and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.