Season of Hope

Spring is such a beloved season. It’s called the season of hope and that’s an apt description. It is indeed a hopeful season when everything seems possible.

From the depth of winter new growth emerges and the cold grey turns to bursts of colour. The days get longer and the sun slowly warms the earth. It is a time of renewal and of new life being born. The world comes alive again and with the explosion of blossoms comes a sense of ‘new beginning’.

Spring, in its abundant fullness, uplifts our spirits and gives us hope for renewal in our own lives as well. The season gives us the perfect impetus to embrace a fresh start. How can one not be inspired by the rebirth and changes happening all around us?

Life is beginning again everywhere. There is newness and an atmosphere of excitement. We too can use the energy and power of the season to make a new beginning in our lives!

The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring 
- Bern Williams

Sharing with you some pictures of my sister Visieno N Talie’s garden which is a riot of colours right now! She is a natural born gardener. I do honestly believe she was born to grow and bring joy to the world!