Who exactly is governing?

I’m sure most of you have seen the above news clip which appeared in the local dailies on September 22.

So, are we to take it that the democratically elected Nagaland State Government and its administrative machinery are now defunct and the state is being governed by the NSCN-IM?

Better & Stronger because of it

I found the lovely short story I’ve shared below while browsing online and it got me thinking.

When tough times invade our lives or when bad things happen to us or our loved ones, it can be incredibly hard to understand and accept. Sometimes there just seems no sense in what is happening or has happened.

A Nagaland where ‘No one is left behind’

Sharing with you the presentation I submitted to the Nagaland Vision 2030 expert team. The team is currently in the process of preparing a roadmap vision document for the development of Nagaland over the next fifteen years.

They want the same things that everyone else in the community wants. They want the opportunity to get a good education, get a job, lead worthwhile lives and be valued members of the society. They want to be able to go to church and worship, to go shopping, go out with family and friends, and enjoy a concert or festival celebration. They want a chance to participate meaningfully in the life of the community. They want their human rights recognised and realised. They want change and are hopeful that others will share their vision of an inclusive Nagaland that leaves no one behind, a Nagaland that enables people with disabilities to fulfil their potential as equal citizens, a Nagaland for all.

No, it’s NOT barrier free

The above is a photo of the plaque proudly displayed on a wall at the Nagaland Civil Secretariat complex – ‘BARRIER FREE ENVIRONMENT’.

I beg to strongly differ and my request to them is to please, please remove it because it is utterly embarrassing. The complex is far from barrier free and I have the photographs to prove it.

Smoke free: But how, Mr DC?

Here we go again. Another grand but doomed announcement, another good idea set up for failure!

I’m talking about the ‘Smoke Free City’ declaration made by Kohima Deputy Commissioner during a smoke free campaign programme held in Kohima on April 28. According to media reports, the DC addressed the gathering of students from 22 schools and declared our State capital a Smoke Free City. He invited the schools to be ambassadors in bringing about the transformation.

All that sounds fine, right? It’s what comes next that makes the declaration a joke. The DC added that guidelines and rules for adherence by public and enforcement by the district administration and police would be brought out without delay!

Tourism for All, please

Nagaland’s famous Hornbill Festival does not include Persons with Disability 

Poster put up by the Nagaland State Disability Forum at Kisama Heritage Village during Hornbill Festival 2015

The Parliamentary Secretary
Nagaland: Kohima

With tourism a major focus in the State today and the industry only set to grow in the coming years, we would like to draw your attention to an aspect in the State Tourism Policy that has been ignored and neglected leading to the complete exclusion of persons with disability  – the aspect of ACCESSIBILITY at the various tourist sites and events.

T20 off my menu

West Indies team celebrates their World Twenty20 2016 win. Photo: sportsroar.com

West Indies has just won the sixth World T20 held in India. The Caribbean calypsos beat England by 4 wickets in the final and have become the first team ever in history to win both ICC Cricket World Cup and World Twenty20 for more than once.

Yay, good for them! But sorry, I didn’t watch even a single match throughout the tournament. I just caught news about the winning teams from the various news channels. The fast food version of cricket has lost its lustre for me.