My greatest blessing

Recovering from a pretty severe bout of the flu and feeling weak and totally out of it still – head not yet in the right place! This was rather a strange flu attack. It came on so suddenly with a painful sore throat that appeared out of the blue one evening after dinner. No itchy throat or cough or any other warning symptoms whatsoever. Then came the high-grade fever the next day that felled me completely.

I was reduced to a helpless mess for three days. I’m so grateful that my son Khrieto was home to help me through it. He gave me my medicines on time and cooked and fed me broths and soups that he thought I might be able to take in without throwing up. He also made up his bed on the floor and slept near me all through. My beautiful son, my greatest blessing! He’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

A couple of weeks in my arms
It seems like only yesterday that I held him in my arms, completely awed by the perfection of my baby. The years have flown by and it seems my tiny baby boy has grown up into this fine young man when I wasn’t looking. I can’t believe that I’ve already celebrated 28 Mother’s Days.

I’m an imperfect mother, that’s for sure. To start with, I was young and without a clue. But I had tons of energy and one thing I can say for myself, I was determined to give my all to be the best mother that I can be to my son. And I was the luckiest to have my own beautiful mum around to help with babysitting as I bungled along trying to find my feet as a single mother.

As a happy 2-yr-old with proud Mama (R) Stepping into his teens - I call this his hair gel phase :-)
One mistake at a time – I came across this in a parenting website and that’s exactly how it has been. One mistake at a time, one day at a time! And along the way I realised there’s no one size that fits all in parenting. We all just try everyday to raise our children the best way we know how.

And here we are today, my son and I. I must have got it right somewhere. From a feisty, curious and bright little boy, he’s become this amazing confident and motivated adult. I unashamedly claim bragging rights here :-). He’s kind and thoughtful and he cares about the world around him. I do believe he’ll make one woman a wonderful husband one day!

Khrieto interning at the Sheraton Krabi Resort Thailand 
He found his passion in the culinary arts. After being far away for over three and half years completing his studies, interning and getting some work experience, he came home for a well-deserved break. He’s treated us to some incredible cooking, but that hardly surprises me. I always knew he would excel at whatever he does. Now he’s readying to leave again to take his passion one step further with a pastry programme at the Le Cordon Bleu.

I know I’ll miss him deeply and I’ll always worry. But I know he has to live his life and one thing I know I can always be assured about is that his life will be one of purpose and accomplishment. I’m so proud to be his mother.  

I penned the following poem when my son was seven years old. I’m privileged to share it with you……


When I first saw you
You were just
A wrinkly bundle
Wrapped in blue
With a mop of dark hair

I took you in my arms
Kissed and tickled your cheeks
Softly ruffled your hair
But didn’t really know
What to do

I just said a silent prayer
I thanked Him for you
I prayed that He bless you
And keep you
Under His wings always

I was not ready in many ways
To accept a precious gift as you
And before you were born
I didn’t know
Just how much I would love you

That magical moment
I looked into your eyes
Your beautiful, beautiful eyes
My heart just grew
I thought it would burst

You’re growing up so fast
Soon, so very soon
However hard it may be for me
You’ll spread your wings
You’ll follow your dreams

Always remember
No matter how near or far apart
My head is bowed in prayer for you
I am always there in your heart
You are never alone

‘My son’
No more beautiful words
Were ever spoken
I thank the lord for you
Each and every day

Out of everything I did
It was you that I did right

God is good, my son. As I prayed when you were born, I pray and trust every single day that He will protect you and guide your every thought and every step. Never forget that you are blessed and always allow Him to lead in all you do and say. 

My son… joy, my greatest blessing!