Every day is the 14th

So, the day set aside for celebrating love is over. Does this mean you’re done showing your love for each other for the rest of the year? I sure hope not.

Every year around this time everything goes heart shaped, pink and red and chocolaty. And if you’re to go by all the commercials, the only way to show you truly love someone is by participating in the occasion by buying and gifting cards, chocolates, flowers and balloons.

I really don’t get the hullabaloo over Valentine’s Day. Of course, it’s nice getting flowers and chocolates and doing something romantic together. But why only on February 14? Shouldn’t love be celebrated and honoured everyday?

I’m a hopeless diehard romantic. I love cheesy rom-coms, cry over mushy love stories and sugary love songs and, call me silly, but I still dream of my knight in shining armour sweeping me off my feet. I’m all for corny sweet little nothings whispered in my ear, stolen kisses and warm cuddles.

So, just one day in a year to show you love and adore someone? That’s simply not enough for me. Remember the lovely Beatles song? “Eight days a week, I love you……Eight days a week is not enough to show I care”

No, I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing wrong in setting aside a day to focus on love. But my point is, why wait only for that special day to show how much you love someone? To me everyday should be special. Obviously I’m not saying that one should be giving flowers and chocolates and cute teddy bears everyday. But love isn’t always about the grand gestures, lavish gifts and perfectly crafted moments that take your breath away..…..it’s often in the little things that you do to make someone feel loved and appreciated.

I don’t believe love and romance should be reserved for a date on the calendar. Shared smiles, hand holding, back rubs and romantic dinners should be anytime year round. I believe in making everyday the 14th.