That Angami Girl!

Conforming – it’s comfortable, easy, safe…..
On the other hand, carving out your own path rather than cruising along the old beaten track, that’s more of a challenge – it takes a whole lot of strength and courage to be what you want to be rather than what others’ expect you to be.

Growing up in a society where women especially are expected to obediently fit into the predetermined little round holes no questions asked, choosing not to settle and instead be a square peg that refuses to be pushed into the mould certainly makes for an interesting life. Not the easiest perhaps, but really, is there any other way to live, really live?

When you choose to live life on your own terms you can expect plenty of brickbats coming your way – most people are very uncomfortable with those who deviate from the script and there will always be those who think you’re wrong, you’re crazy and all sorts of other things….simply because you do not conform to so-called laid down societal rules. It is particularly worse in a small, close knitted society like ours where practically everybody knows everybody and everyone is related to everyone in one way or the other.

‘That Angami girl’ – oh yes, that’s me……obviously a far from complimentary reference to me at one point in my life. It became a huge joke among a close circle of good friends, but it is the perfect metaphor for my life.

‘That Angami Girl’ – well, life is too short to just passively blend in. I prefer to dance like EVERYONE is watching……….no apologies.