Who exactly is governing?

I’m sure most of you have seen the above news clip which appeared in the local dailies on September 22.

So, are we to take it that the democratically elected Nagaland State Government and its administrative machinery are now defunct and the state is being governed by the NSCN-IM?

The group is now blatantly issuing directives on civic matters in place of the administration and the citizens are also apparently approaching them to resolve their concerns rather than the administration. And even as all these are being played out in the public domain, we hear only deafening silence from the government which we thought we had elected to govern.

So, is the NPF-led government just a puppet government good only for running up to Delhi to beg for funds or to jet-set somewhere to receive dubious awards?

The fact that several parallel governments function actively in our state causing all kinds of problems and hardship for citizens is not exactly a shocker – and the number of these so-called governments has only multiplied over the years. However, in the past, their activities were carried out somewhat furtively, in the manner of people who know their actions are not really legal. But, as we can see, there’s nothing covert about it anymore.

I’m sure this question is going to push some people into a big huff, but we the citizens have the right to know exactly what’s going on. Who is governing the state of Nagaland – the NPF-led government elected by the people to do the job or the NSCN-IM?