All it takes is one song

All it takes is one song to bring back 1000 memories……how true is this?

Bonnie Tyler came on TV the other night on Neil Harris Patrick’s Best Time Ever show singing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ for a karaoke game. I hadn't heard this song in years. Suddenly, I was overcome by flashbacks of people and places linked to that song and the singer. It transported me back to that time of my life and vivid pictures started playing on my mind.

Bonnie Tyler is older, I’m older – we’ve certainly seen much of life since those young, carefree days. But her voice, oh my, that trademark husky voice – does she still rock or what!


Total Eclipse was released in 1983 and went on to become an international chart topper. I was in college then and Bonnie Tyler’s numbers were big on our play-list, her raspy rendition of ‘It’s a Heartache’ being another favourite. They were played over and over again on our beloved cassette tape recorders.

Yes, remember the cassette tapes? A godsend after the vinyl records and players which we couldn’t carry around, a bulky cassette player would accompany us on every picnic and outing. It was great to have the music, but batteries don’t last…….forwarding or rewinding for that favourite song consumed the most. So, to make the batteries last as long as possible, one or the other of us would be continually busy manually turning the tape with a ball point pen or something else that fitted into the reel holes of the tape. A pen always worked best for me. We would vigorously twirl our wrists rotating the tape by pushing the spokes in the holes. Turn, check, turn again, check again – a long and tedious process, but finally we get the song we’re looking for.

Thinking back to my college days also brought back memories of this guy I had a huge crush on. Actually, our whole gang of friends in hostel had a crush on him. At that time he was to us the perfect M&B hero type – tall, dark and handsome :-). We would go on and on about him, making up stories dreamily and fighting one another over him and so on. Suddenly, we find out that he was going out with one of the senior girls in our hostel. She was smart, pretty and was always beautifully dressed – but we all agreed that we didn’t like her too much……..simply because she had snagged this guy whom we had all secretly hoped would come and sweep us off our feet. LOL!

The good old college days………..I think college days are the last few years of truly care free times before real life starts intruding. Oh, the phase had its own issues and complications and there were many times when we felt that it was the absolute end of the world. But I’d bet most of us would give anything for those ‘end of the world’ problems in exchange for the ones we currently have.

The show on TV ended with Bonnie singing ‘Holding out for a Hero’. Remember the movie ‘Footloose’? What a blast from the past! Thank you, Bonnie Tyler.